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Plugin for Microsoft Outlook®

The AT Conference Plugin for Microsoft Outlook® integrates with email and calendar invitations to add convenience and accuracy to scheduling conference calls and web conferences. Your participant codes and dial-in numbers are automatically populated, eliminating any human error. The result is a streamlined process and on-time conferences with optimal attendance. Download and installation is quick and easy.

Now Supports Outlook 2013

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Add Convenience and Accuracy to Conference Scheduling

  • AT Conference Plugin for Microsoft Outlook:
  • • Integrates conference scheduling capabilities to Microsoft Outlook.
  • • Compatible with 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • • Automates population of applicable conferencing information into email or Appointment/Meetings using Outlook.
  • • Saves Time - No need to look up conferencing information.
  • • Improves Accuracy - No potential mistyping of dial-in numbers or user codes.
  • • Eliminates potential miscommunications that result in late starting or poorly attended conferences.
  • • Versatile - Conference invites can be done by either email or utilizing the Appointment/Meeting function within Outlook.
  • • Adds conference parameters for both audio and web conferencing.
  • • Participants have quick and easy access to both dial-in and login information.
  • • Coordination with Outlook calendar provides participants reminder alarms to help avoid conference tardiness and automatically adjusts to proper time zones.
  • • Easy Installation - Conferencing parameters are pre-loaded at the time of plugin installation.
  • • One-time-use participant codes for web conferencing are available.
  • • Free Download - Provided as a value-add for AT Conference customers.