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Conference Control Center


  • • Cloud-based Application - No Software to Download - Secure 24/7 Access
  • • Control all Conference Tasks via an Intuitive User Interface
  • • Conduct Live Polls
  • • Conduct Professional Q&A Sessions
  • • Mute/Hold Attendees - Lock/Unlock Call
  • • Control Conference Recording
Introduction To ManageYourCall

Manage your conference calls using ManageYourCall from AT Conference, a secure cloud-based conference call management application provided free to our Reservationless Conference Calling users.

The ManageYourCall conference call management application allows for complete control of reservationless conference calls by conference hosts via an intuitive user interface. Using ManageYourCall's features, a conference host can control all the necessary tasks required for a complete and orderly conference call.




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ManageYourCall Features

  • Secure Login - Conference hosts can access the ManageYourCall application using any web browser. A secure login ensures the integrity of your conference.
  • Conference Controls - Hosts have a full complement of conference controls available to them to ensure an efficient conference:
    • • View Participant Status
    • • Name Participants - ReLabel Lines
    • • Mute/Un-Mute All
    • • Hold/Un-Hold All
    • • Enable/Disable Announcement
    • • Lock/Unlock Conference
    • • Roll Call to All
    • • Roll Call to Host
    • • Dial Out
    • • Assign Billing Codes
    • • End Conference
  • Participant Info - Know who is in your conference and their status at all times:
    • • Mute Status
    • • Caller ID
    • • Name
    • • Role
  • Question & Answer Sessions - Question and answer sessions are a highly effective method of controlling conferences. Several moderators can discuss a topic and allow participants to ask questions in an orderly fashion.
  • Hosts can initiate and conduct their own Q & A sessions by initiating a session and viewing participants in the queue for questioning, systematically promoting and unmuting the participants to ask their questions. This is perfectly suited for small to mid-size conferences.
  • Voting (Polling) - The Voting feature can be used to conduct surveys or interactive tests. Hosts can conduct an audio polling session and obtain participants' votes to a supplied question and answers. Participants vote via their telephone keypads.
  • Conference Recording - The recording feature allows a host to control the audio recording of the conference:
    • • Start Recording
    • • Pause Recording
    • • Stop Recording
  • User Guide - The ManageYourCall user guide provides complete details to help familiarize you with all of the application's functions.


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