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How to Record Conference Calls

Record a Conference Call via Phone Keypad

Follow these steps to record a conference call using your phone's keypad with Reservationless Conference Calling.

  • Press   #7   You will enter record mode.
  • Please follow the appropriate instructions based on the prompts heard:
  • Press:
  • 1   To begin recording - System message: "The conference is now being recorded"
  • 3   To retrieve the reference number of the latest recording
  • #7   To return to recording menu
  • 1   To pause recording
  • 2   To stop recording
  • 3   To retrieve reference number of current recording

Note:  You may store up to 6 recordings at a time for playback purposes, regardless of length

upon recording completion:  Request MP3/WAV Files of recorded conference calls (Recordings are stored for 6 months).

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While on a conference call: Dial *0

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