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Operator-Assisted Dial-Out Conference Call Reservations

Submit the form below to reserve your next Operator-Assisted Dial-Out Conference Call.

All operator-assisted calls are bound by our procedures and booking policies.

Procedures and Booking Policies


The procedures below outline how an operator-assisted call is conducted. If you have any questions regarding any of the procedures prior to your scheduled call, please call support at 877-480-4300.

  • • The speaker(s) need to dial in to the assigned phone number approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of conference. At that time, they will be placed in a sub-conference. while in this private conference, an operator's assistance will be provided to confirm the pre-conference arrangements and assist in any way necessary.
  • • Participants will enter the conference by dialing their assigned phone number. It is advisable that participants dial in approximately 10-15 minutes before the conference is scheduled to begin. All participants who dial in will need to give the operator their first and last name*. After that information is given to an operator the participant will be placed on music hold to await the start of the conference.
  • • When the conference begins it will be placed in presentation mode. In this mode, the speaker(s) will be able to speak to all of the attendees of the conference and all other lines will be muted.
  • • If a question and answer period is required, the speaker(s) will cue the operator when they are ready to take questions. The operator will give instructions to the participants on how to raise their hand to ask a question of the speaker(s). The operator will go through all participants who have raised their hands and inform the speaker(s) when there are no further questions. When the speaker(s) have concluded with their presentation, everyone may disconnect from the conference.
  • • Additional features are available upon request, including rebroadcast, audio recording (MP3/WAV) transfer, CD recording, transcription, and participant list*.
  • *If a participant list is requested, participants may be required to provide the operator with additional information.

Booking Policies

All operator-assisted conference calls are subject to a 20% buffer policy. This means that if the amount of attendees on your call is 20% more or 20% less than the number of attendees that you reserved, there is an additional charge.

Any changes to your operator-assisted conference call reservation must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled conference call. A cancellation charge will be incurred if less than 24 hours of notice is given.

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Scheduled Speakers

Please list the speakers scheduled for this call. If the call type you selected is operator-assisted dial-out or combination dial-in/dial-out, please list phone and alternate phone numbers for those speakers that conference operators will need to dial to bring into the call.

Comments and Additional Information - Please enter any comments or other information relevant to this conference.

Your personal information will not be shared, sold or rented to any third parties for marketing purposes. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

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