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Enterprise Invoice Collection

How to Read the Enterprise Invoice Collection

The Enterprise Collection zip file is sent to you whenever one or more of the accounts contained in your enterprise have had any billing/usage for the prior month. The zip file contains all of the information you need to view and pay for the usage either at the enterprise or account level.

The file is named as such:

  • EnterpriseNumber is your enterprise number. It begins with two alpha characters, and then a number beginning with 99.
  • EnterpriseInvoiceNumber is your invoice number for this month. The enterprise invoice number will always begin with an uppercase E.

Upon opening the zip file you will see a PDF file in the root of the file. In addition, you will see up to 3 folders titled Invoices, Statements, and Attachments.

The PDF file in the root folder is your enterprise invoice. This invoice is a summary of all of the individual accounts that make up the enterprise. This PDF contains a remittance stub if you wish to pay for the enterprise as a whole.

The Invoices and Statements folders contain all of the individual invoices and statements (in PDF format) for each individual account that make up the enterprise. These PDFs also have remittance stubs and can be paid on an individual basis.

In addition, the Attachments folder will contain any ancillary attachments that you have requested as backup detail to your enterprise or account(s).

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