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Conferencing Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions : Reservationless Conferencing

Do I need a conference call telephone or any other special equipment to use Reservationless Conference Calling?
No. You can use any type phone to conduct conference calls with this service. As long as you have a phone with a dial-tone you can start a conference.
How do I schedule conference calls using Reservationless Conference Calling?
No reservations are ever required using Reservationless Conference Calling. Simply distribute to all participants the time and date of your call, the dial-in number and participant code. If you use Microsoft Outlook®, we offer a free plugin that streamlines distribution of your invitations.
What is the maximum number of participants I can have on a call when using Reservationless Conference Calling?
There is no limit to the number of participants you can have on a call. However, we do require the call host to contact us 24 hours in advance when more than 100 participants are expected on a call.
Is operator assistance available during a call when using Reservationless Conference Calling?
Yes. Simply press *0 on your keypad and an operator is summoned to assist you*.
Is it possible to get detailed reporting on each conference call after it has concluded?
Yes. When you signup with AT Conference you can request to have a Phone Conference Usage Report emailed to you at the conclusion of each call. There is no charge for this service and the report will be sent within five minutes of a call concluding. The report includes caller ID's (when available), total lines, minutes, participants and the time and date of your phone conference.
Do you offer any recording and transcription options with this service?
Yes. You can record any conference call using your phone's keypad. We offer the following recording and transcription services:
  • • Have your call recorded to a CD and mailed via priority mail
  • • Have MP3/WAV files sent via e-mail or available by FTP
  • • Have your conference call transcribed and emailed to you
How much does Reservationless Conference Calling cost and how do I calculate the cost of a call?
Our current rates can be found on the Reservationless Conference Calling service description page. All of our published rates are per minute, per line(per participant). To calculate the cost of a call multiply: Lines x Minutes x Rate. For example, if you had 5 people on a conference call that lasted 20 minutes the total minutes you would be billed for would be 100. At 7.9¢ per minute, the cost of that call would be $7.90 (5 Lines x 20 Minutes x .079 Per Minute = 7.90).
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes! We encourage new users to try us out before opening an account. Sign up for our free trial and you can hold as many reservationless conference calls and web conferences as you like with up to six participants each for seven days.
I signed up for your service but am not sure how to setup a conference call, can someone there walk me through it?
Of course. You can print out a detailed user guide for any of our services in our Customer Support Center but if you still need help one of our support reps will be glad to assist you. Just give us a call at 877-480-4300* or submit your questions online via contact form and we'll help you get started.
I've lost my host and participant codes and need to setup a conference call today, how can I retrieve them?
Simply fill out and submit our Code Requests form and your host and participant codes will be emailed back to you*.
I was sharing my host and participant codes with another employee and he has recently left our company, can I change my codes?
Yes. Fill out and submit our Code Requests form and you will be issued new host and participant codes*.
We have new employees who will need to use your services, how do I add new users to our account so they have access?
Use our Add/Delete Account Users form to add new users to your account. You will receive a confirmation email from support once the new users have been activated to use your account*.
We have had employees leave our organization and their host and participant codes and any access to our account will need to be terminated, how do I delete users from our account?
Use our Add/Delete Account Users form to delete users from your account. You will receive a confirmation email from support once the users have been deleted from your account*.

* During AT Conference business hours: Monday-Thursday 24 hours; Friday 12am to 10pm ET.

Frequently Asked Questions : Web Conferencing

When will my current web conferencing tool (Webinterpoint) no longer be available?
The existing web conferencing platform (Webinterpoint / IBM Unyte) is no longer being offered after March 31st 2016. Soon, you will have access to ArkadinAnywhere web conferencing, this upgraded solution will provide a variety of new features: desktop, application and PowerPoint sharing. If you wish to have more information, here is a ArkadinAnywhere tutorial.

Training sessions will be announced and available starting March 15th. Call support at 877-480-4300 for further assistance.
Will my login credentials change?
They will not. You will continue to login the same as you do today with the same credentials. All current entry points - AT Conference home page, and will be valid.
How are my participants login affected?
Participants will login the same as they do today.
What if I have already sent out invitations for a conference being conducted after April 1, 2016?
All existing entry points, and Outlook plugin links will be continue to be valid and work.
Do I still use the same audio phone numbers and codes?
Yes. These will not change.
What types of files can I upload/present?
Any of these file types: *.DOC, *.DOCX, *.GIF, *.JPG, *.PDF, *.PPS, *.PPT, *.PPTX, *.TXT, *.XLS, *.XLSX.
What new features can I expect?
Four simultaneous webcams and coming soon - integrated audio and VOIP access.
What about my existing recordings or documents?
As of March 31, 2016, our current web conferencing platform will no longer be available, and you will no longer have access to any current archived documents or recordings. We recommend that you download any necessary files before that time.
Does screen sharing require a plugin?
A small, thin client plugin will need to be downloaded prior to a Host being able to use screen sharing. This will be prompted for upon screen sharing for the first time or may be down loaded in advance in the Arkadin Lounge upon logging in.

Frequently Asked Questions : Operator-Assisted Conferencing

What types of operator-assisted conference calls do you offer?
We offer Operator-Assisted Dial-In service - all speakers and participants dial in directly, Operator-Assisted Dial-Out service - operators dial out to bring speakers onto the call, and Combination Dial-In/Dial-Out service. You can select the type of conference you need and other details when you reserve your conference. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have before making a reservation.
When should I use an Operator-Assisted Conference Call instead of Reservationless Conference Calling?
An Operator-Assisted Conference Call is preferred by many publicly-traded companies, law firms, investment companies, political organizations, non-profits and other organizations that to need to hold large phone teleconferences on a regular basis that include moderated question and answer sessions or require a detailed record of all those who attended the conference to meet legal or regulatory requirements. Often these conferences are recorded and transcribed and made available to shareholders, analysts and other stakeholders who were not able to attend the conference live.

Operator-Assisted Conference Calls allow for a professional, operator managed Q & A session and we provide an experienced operator who monitors your conference for its duration to insure it flows smoothly from beginning to end.

With Reservationless Conference Calling, you can set up a conference call whenever you like, without prior reservations. It is the perfect conferencing solution for businesses and other organizations for meetings of any size that do not require operator assistance.
How do I reserve an operator-assisted conference call?
Get started by submitting our online reservation form. You will be able to set the date and time of your call, its duration, the number of participants expected and any optional services you will require. A member of our support staff will then contact you* to confirm your conference details and can also help you customize your conference call to best fit your needs.
How many participants are allowed on an operator-assisted conference call?
There is no limit to the number of participants you may reserve for a call. You are allowed as many participants on the call as you have reserved places for.
Can you gather personal information from participants as they call in and join an operator-assisted conference?
Yes. You may select up to three pieces of personal information from this list from each participant as they call in - Name, Company, Title, Phone, City/State, Department. If would more than three pieces of information or require different information from your participants, please note that in the questions/comments section when reserving a call. We will do our best to accomodate every request. A detailed participant list can be emailed to the call host after the conference has concluded.
Do you offer any recording and transcription options with operator-assisted conference calls?
Yes. We can record your operator-assisted conference call for you from beginning to end. We offer the following recording and transcription services:
  • • Have your call recorded to a CD and mailed via priority mail.
  • • Have MP3/WAV files sent via e-mail or available by FTP.
  • • Have your conference call transcribed and emailed to you.
How much do operator-assisted services cost?
Our current rates can be found on the Operator-Assisted Conference Calls service description page. Rates vary by type of service. You will find that AT Conference is competitive in both price and level of service. If your organization is conducting operator-assisted calls on a regular basis, please contact us for a volume rate quote.
How am I billed for Operator-Assisted Conference Calls?
You are billed only for minutes used. For example, if you had 10 people on a call that lasted 60 minutes you would be billed for 600 minutes (10 lines x 60 minutes = 600 total minutes). There are no setup fees or contracts required.
What is the maximum amount of time an operator-assisted conference may last?
You will notice that our reservation form allows you to reserve a call of up to two hours in duration. Please contact us if you will need to conduct a call longer than two hours.

* During AT Conference business hours: Monday-Thursday 24 hours; Friday 12am to 10pm ET.

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