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Reservationless Conference Calling

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  • • On-Demand Phone Conferencing with Toll-Free Dial-In Numbers and Unique Access Codes
  • • Cloud Tools for Conference Management and Account Management
  • • Flexible Billing Codes to Accurately Assign Time to Specific Project, Department, etc.
  • • Emailed Reports with a Complete Record of Every Conference Call
  • • Outlook® Integration for Convenient and Accurate Scheduling
  • • International Access from Over 50 Countries
  • • Multiple Music On Hold Options
  • • USA-based Customer Support


Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied after conducting your first conference call with us, simply contact us and there will be no charge for that first call.

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Reservationless Conference Calling is a completely on-demand service that allows you to conduct conference calls 24/7 using any type phone. Set up a conference call anytime, anywhere, without any reservations.

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"I was tasked this week to pull together a new conferencing solution by week's end. Your staff gave me a full demo, answered all my questions and had my account established in minutes. We ran a test and had our first conference. It couldn't have been easier to use and the report feature is going to help us track time and costs. Great product. Thanks."
  - Tom H.
  Financial Institution

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Service Features

  • Easy To Use - A comprehensive user guide provides easy to follow instructions from start to finish.
  • Simple Keypad Commands - A simple set of keypad commands to perform your most frequently used call functions.
  • Usage Reporting - After each call you can receive a Phone Conference Usage Report at no additional cost. This report provides a complete record of each conference call including the time and date of the call, participant caller IDs (when available), number of lines used, minutes that each participant was on the call, total call minutes and the total cost of the conference.
  • Flexible Client-Matter/Billing/Project Codes - Multiple options to link call data to the appropriate client, department or project to properly assign billable time.
  • Outlook Integration - Our conferencing plugin for Microsoft Outlook integrates with email and calendar invitations to add convenience and accuracy to conference scheduling.
  • ManageYourCall web-based call management - Allows for complete control of reservationless conference calls by conference hosts via an intuitive user interface. Using ManageYourCall's features, a conference host can control all the necessary tasks required for a complete and orderly conference call.
  • ManageYourConferencing web-based account management - A secure, cloud-based account/user control center that allows account administrators to manage and control their invoices/payment, account info, add/delete users, access recordings, and generate real-time reports of call usage and account activity via an intuitive user interface.
  • Live Operator Assistance - Operator assistance is available by simply pressing *0 on your key pad.
  • Call Recording & Transcription - You can record your conference calls whenever you like. We offer the following recording and transcription services:
    • • Have your call recorded to a CD and mailed via priority mail
    • • Have MP3/WAV files sent via e-mail or available by FTP
    • • Have your conference call transcribed and emailed to you
  • Music On Hold Options - Choose from six different music on hold options - classical, rock, jazz, new age, country or a second classical option with a promotional voiceover that allows you to earn rewards.
  • Presentation Mode - A presentation mode is provided so that one or more speakers can speak without interruption by muting all other participants.
  • Dial-Out Features - Dial out of your call to another phone number (US or international) to talk to or bring a person back into your conference call.
  • International Access - Conduct international conference calls with participants in over 50 countries around the world via toll-free dial-in numbers.

Security Features

  • Secure PIN Access - Your phone conference room is secured with a PIN.
  • Lock the Conference Call - Lock feature that is activated by pressing *5 on your key pad. This feature closes the conference call to any additional participants.
  • Secure Access - Each AT Conference account has unique host and participant codes assigned to it. These codes may be changed when necessary for added security.
  • Record Caller IDs (ANI Capture) - When available, the system will record the caller ID of each participant so that you have a record of the phone numbers used to dial in to your conference.
  • Name Announcement and Roll Call Options
    • Name Announcement - The system can be configured so that each participant is announced by name as they join the call. A less disruptive option is Entry Tone. This allows the host to set the system to alert them with a subtle tone each time a participant joins the conference call. This option is less intrusive if the call is already underway.
    • Roll Call - This option allows the host to conduct a roll call by simply pressing #1. The system will then play back the names of all participants currently on the call. Only the host hears the roll call using this option. This feature can be utilized on calls where confidentiality is important, or when the host has asked a participant to disconnect and needs to verify that they are off the call.
  • Attendee Removal - If the call has been set up to require users to record their names before entering the conference call, with operator assistance the host has the ability to remove or bar someone from the conference call.

Save up to 50% Compared to Other Services

Join the thousands of business users that have made the switch from other providers to AT Conference and realized significant cost savings.

AT Conference 7.9¢ No Limit†
AT&T 8.5¢ 125
Budget Conferencing 12¢ 99 10¢ 25
Intercall 10¢ 125
Verizon Conferencing 16¢ 20
* All rates displayed are per minute, per line for comparable pay-as-you-go plans.
†24 hour notice required for calls over 100 lines (participants). No additional charges apply.

International Conference Calls

Our Reservationless Conference Calling Service allows you to conduct international conference calls with participants in over 50 countries around the world via toll-free dial-in numbers.

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Our ManageYourCall conference control center provides you with a full complement of controls to ensure an efficient conference.

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Get our web-based ManageYourConferencing application. It's free with any AT Conference account.

High Volume Users

Does your business use more than 5,000 minutes each month? Contact us with your current usage and requirements and we will quote you additional options.