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Operator-Assisted Conference Calls

Professional Event Conference Call Hosting


  • • Fully Managed Service for Investor Relations Calls, Business Updates, Media Teleconferences
  • • Convenient Online Call Scheduling
  • • Q&A Sessions, Participant Data Gathering, Conference Recording, Transcription and More
  • • Global Access, Participant Dial-In and Operator Dial-Out Service


To the professionals

We work with you on every detail in planning and executing your operator-assisted conference to make it as stress-free for you as possible while enhancing your organization's image.

When your conference call requires attentive, personal service by skilled operators, you can turn to our Operator-Assisted Conference Call Service with confidence.

Participants may dial in to a conference from anywhere in the world and are greeted by courteous, professional operators. We manage every detail of your conference and monitor its dynamics to insure it flows smoothly and without interruption.

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Operator-Assisted Conference

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"I was tasked this week to pull together a new conferencing solution by week's end. Your staff gave me a full demo, answered all my questions and had my account established in minutes. We ran a test and had our first conference. It couldn't have been easier to use and the report feature is going to help us track time and costs. Great product. Thanks."
  - Tom H.
  Financial Institution

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Service Features

  • • Convenient online reservations allow you to customize every conference.
  • • A reservation confirmation email containing all conference details is sent so that you can verify beforehand that your call is planned exactly as you want it.
  • • An operator is in attendance for the duration of your call to offer assistance from start to finish.
  • • Fully managed question and answer sessions.
  • • A participant list is emailed post-call to document who attended the conference call.
  • • Receive a digital replay of your conference call for either regulatory or record keeping purposes.
  • • Available recording and transcription options:
    • • Have your call recorded to a CD and mailed via priority mail
    • • Have an audio recording sent via e-mail or available by FTP
    • • Have your conference call transcribed and emailed to you
  • • A sub-conference is set up for the host(s) and speakers prior to start of the conference call to allow for last minute preparations.
  • • There are no limits on the length of the conference call or the number of participants that you can reserve for in advance.

Security Features

Security concerns rank near the very top of our priority list in hosting your conference. Our service has significant security features that allow you to conduct a managed business conference with complete confidence.

Our goal is to create the secure, customized conferencing environment that you require. If you have a specific request, we will do our best make it happen - just ask.

  • Secure List - The call host can supply AT Conference with a list of participants you wish to allow entry into your conference call. As callers are arriving, the operator attending to your call will only allow previously approved callers to join.
  • Late Arrivals and Call Lockdown - The host may set up security parameters for the conference call in advance with instructions to restrict late callers from joining the conference. Additionally, the host can instruct the operator attending the conference call to lock the call at any time.
  • Attendee Removal - The host may instruct the attending operator to remove a participant from the conference call at any time.


Rates shown below are for toll-free dial-in service.

Operator-Assisted Conferencing 18¢ to 29¢ No Limit†
* Rates are per minute, per conference participant. Contact us for rate details and volume pricing.
†Please refer to our procedures and booking policy for complete details.

Our Operators

All operators go through an intensive training program that emphasizes professional communication skills, industry-specific audio teleconferencing requirements, problem spotting and disaster recovery. We believe we have the most highly trained and experienced professionals in the industry. Most importantly, they understand the important role they play in the success of your conference.

Procedures & Booking Policies


The procedures below outline how an operator-assisted call is conducted. If you have any questions regarding any of the procedures prior to your scheduled call, please call support at 877-480-4300.

• The speaker(s) need to dial in to the assigned phone number approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of conference. At that time, they will be placed in a sub-conference. while in this private conference, an operator's assistance will be provided to confirm the pre-conference arrangements and assist in any way necessary.

• Participants will enter the conference by dialing their assigned phone number. It is advisable that participants dial in approximately 10-15 minutes before the conference is scheduled to begin. All participants who dial in will need to give the operator their first and last name*. After that information is given to an operator the participant will be placed on music hold to await the start of the conference.

• When the conference begins it will be placed in presentation mode. In this mode, the speaker(s) will be able to speak to all of the attendees of the conference and all other lines will be muted.

• If a question and answer period is required, the speaker(s) will cue the operator when they are ready to take questions. The operator will instruct participants on how to ask a question. The operator will then announce each participant’s name and open his/her line briefly to ask their question. Once all questions have been exhausted, the operator will inform the speaker(s) that there are no further questions.. When the speaker(s) have concluded with their presentation, everyone may disconnect from the conference.

• Additional features are available upon request, including rebroadcast, audio recording (MP3/WAV) transfer, CD recording, transcription, and participant list*.

*If a participant list is requested, participants may be required to provide the operator with additional information.

Booking Policies

All operator-assisted conference calls are subject to a 20% buffer policy. This means that if the amount of attendees on your call is 20% more or 20% less than the number of attendees that you reserved, there is an additional charge.

Any changes to your operator-assisted conference call reservation must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled conference call. A cancellation charge will be incurred if less than 24 hours of notice is given.

High Volume Users

Does your business regularly host operator-assisted conferences? Contact us with your current usage and requirements and we will quote you additional options.
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