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How to Conference Call

Reservationless Conference Calling User Guide

How to Conference Call - 3 Easy Steps

  • 1.) Dial into the system using either the toll-free domestic phone number or the international (toll) phone number that was supplied to you.
  • 2.) Enter your HOST CODE followed by the "#" sign.
  • 3.) Your conference participants dial in to the system in the same way and enter the host's PARTICIPANT CODE followed by the "#" sign.
  • You're conferencing! It's that easy.

Customizable Options and Keypad Command Descriptions

Operator Assistance ( *0 ) - Immediate operator support is available by pressing *0 on your telephone keypad (During AT Conference business hours - Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 8:00 pm ET.).

Bill Code / Reference Number Capture - To make it easy for clients to track the billing of individual calls, employees or departments, our service gives the ability to assign a billing or reference number to a call. There are two ways to capture this information. Either way is available and can be customized to suit your needs.

  • 1.) When a host calls in to begin a call, the system will ask for a number (one to twenty digits) that will be assigned to this call on the client's bill.
  • 2.) A permanent bill code or reference number can be assigned to a host in the system. Using this option, all of a particular host's calls will be tracked and their total usage will be shown on the bill.

Note: The Bill Code / Reference Number Capture feature must be enabled before it can be used. To have this enabled, please contact us and include your host code with your request.

Lock / Unlock Conference ( *5 ) - Once all of the invited participants have joined the conference call, the host can lock the call using a simple touch-tone command. This feature prevents others callers from being able to dial into the conference. To lock or unlock your conference, press *5.

Presentation Mode ( *7 ) - This listen only function allows the host to mute all participants except for themselves. This is done by placing the conference call in a presentation mode. In this mode, the host is the only line that can be heard. To mute or un-mute all of the members of the conference except for the host, press *7.

The presentation mode function allows for multiple presenters or speakers. This is useful when it is necessary to have several people speaking while all others in the conference are muted.

To allow several presenters to speak while the rest of the conference is muted, have all of the speakers dial into the same conference as hosts, using the host entry code. Have all other conference attendees dial into the conference using the participant entry code.

When *7 is pressed by any of the hosts, all participants (other than the hosts) will be muted and the conference will be in presentation mode. In this mode, only the hosts will be heard.

Self-Mute / Un-Mute ( *6 ) - Any participant may mute or un-mute their line - to avoid having any background noise heard - by pressing *6.

Head Count / Roll Call ( #1 ) - This feature announces to the host how many people are currently connected to the conference, and if name recording is enabled, will play back the recorded names of each participant.

Ending a Conference (*99, 1 ) - The host may end a conference call at any time by pressing *99, and then 1 to confirm. This ensures all lines are properly disconnected.

Conference Room Configuration Options and Default Settings

Default Settings: Current default settings are shown with an in bold italics. If you wish to change any of these options, please contact us with your host code indicating your preferences. To change any of these settings while a conference is active, press *0 to contact a live operator. Changes made while a conference is in use are not permanent.

  • 1. Conference Start
  • Interactive - Everyone on call will hear and talk to each other as soon as they enter the conference - regardless of a Host presence or not.

    Music Awaiting Host - Participants are on Music Hold until the Host enters and the conference is then Interactive.

    Music to Presentation - Participants are on Music Hold. Once the Host enters, the conference will automatically be placed into presentation mode which mutes all participants. If the Host enters early he/she will want to periodically announce to the participants so they know they are in the right place.

  • 2. Name Recording
  • X  On - Callers are prompted to record their name.

    Off - No prompt for name.

  • 3. Entry Announcement
  • Personal Message - Used in conjunction with name recording - recorded name will be played upon participant arrival to conference.

    Tone - Each participant entrance is noted with a short 'beep' tone.

    System Message - Each participant entrance is noted by the announcement "Someone has joined the conference."

    None - there is no indication that the participants have entered the conference.

  • 4. Exit Announcement
  • Personal Message - Used in conjunction with name recording - will announce for each participant "Fred Smith has left the conference."

    Tone - Each participant departure is noted with a short 'beep' tone.

    System Message - Each participant departure is noted by the announcement "Someone has left the conference."

    None - There is no indication that the participants have departed the conference.

Phone Conference Usage Reports

A Phone Conference Usage Report can be emailed to the host after each conference. This is a valuable tool that gives comprehensive detail of how a conference was used and keeps a complete record of each call.

For the call summary, this report tracks:

  • • The room and company name
  • • Total minutes billed
  • • Total cost of the conference
  • • Number of lines that dialed into the conference
  • • The start and end time and date of the conference

For details on individual conference members, this report tracks:

  • • The time each conference member joined the conference
  • • Each conference member's phone number (if available)
  • • Each conference member's connection type
  • • Each conference member's total minutes billed

Note: This feature must be activated before it can be used. To activate, submit the form on the Activate Phone Conference Usage Reports page. Once your submission is confirmed, this feature will be enabled for all subsequent calls.

Conference Call Recording

Our system automatically archives and remotely stores recorded conference calls, however you must allow up to 30 minutes between recordings. If a new recording is initiated prior to the allotted time, any prior recording is deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Operator Initiated Recording - As a Host you may contact a live operator via the *0 command and request the operator initiate the process to ensure proper recording.

Host Initiated Recording ( #7 ) - A Host may record a conference call. To enable this feature:

  • #7 - Enter Record Mode
  • • Press 1 - To begin recording the current conference

    <<< Recording Begins >>> You will hear, "The conference is now being recorded." This is your confirmation that the recording initiated successfully.

  • #7 - Re-enter Recording Menu
  • • Press 1 to pause the recording.
  • • Press 2 to stop the recording.

<<< Recording Stops >>> You will hear, "Recording stopped." Please note the recording will also stop if all lines disconnect from the conference.

Retrieving a Recorded Call - There are three ways to retrieve/listen to your recorded conference calls (additional charges apply).

  • 1. MP3/WAV File - After your conference has ended, go to the Conference Call Recordings - Request MP3/WAV Files page to retrieve your recorded call. An email will be sent from containing a secure link to access your recording.

Please note the following:

  • • As you are limited to 12 downloads of this recording, please do not use this site as the file delivery mechanism to others.
  • • Your download link will be available for one month from the date of this email.
  • • Both MP3 and WAV formats are available. AT Conference recommends that you download the MP3 file for portability and file storage.
  • • If your email utility does not support active links, please cut and paste the link into the "address" or "location" field of your browser and press "Enter" or "Go".
  • 2. CD Recording - A CD of your recording will be mailed to the requested address. The following shipping options are available (additional charges apply).
  • • USPS Priority Mail
  • • FedEx Standard Overnight
  • • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • 3. Phone Playback - You can request playback access and instructions on the same form when requesting MP3/WAV files. An email will be sent from containing access information and directions on how to retrieve all conference recordings. This email will contain role-specific instructions for both hosts and participants, including:
  • • Conference playback access number
  • • Conference playback reference number
  • • Recording reference number

This access information will be valid for all subsequent recordings. It is not necessary to make this request more than once. You may store up to 6 recordings at a time.

To access a single conference recording (HOST only):

  • 1. Dial the conference playback access number.
  • 2. Enter the conference playback reference number, followed by #.
  • 3. Enter * to identify yourself as a host, then enter your host code, followed by #.
  • 4. Press 1 to listen to the latest recording or press 2 to listen to a previous recording. Your last 6 recordings are available for up to 30 days, and are listed by date and time and allocated a range number from 1 to 6. Press the range number to listen to the preferred recording.

To access a single conference recording (HOST and PARTICIPANTS only):

  • 1. Dial your conference playback access number.
  • 2. Enter the conference playback reference number, followed by #.
  • 3. Enter the recording reference number, followed by #.

Your playback can be controlled with the following key pad controls:

  • 5 Pause / resume playback
  • 8 Stop playback
  • 1 Rewind 1 minute
  • 3 Fast forward 1 minute
  • 4 Rewind 5 minutes
  • 6 Fast forward 5 minutes
  • 7 Rewind 20 minutes
  • 9 Fast forward 20 minutes
  • 0 Obtain recording reference
  • *0 Listen to playback control options

Hosts also have access to the following options:

  • 1 Listen to last recording
  • 2 Select recording

* During AT Conference business hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 8:00 pm ET.

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