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The testimonials below were provided by current AT Conference customers and we invite you to review them.

The entire team at AT Conference has worked hard to create a corporate personality of honesty, reliability and trustworthiness and we're confident that once you try our services you too will be a satisfied customer.



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Customer Testimonials

"We changed from another provider that we had used for a decade because their customer service was so poor. We have been very impressed with AT Conference and look forward to using it frequently."
  - Carla C.
  Business Consulting

"First time use was yesterday. As seamless and easy to use as I could imagine. The bill came soon after the call and was what I expected so no complaints here!"
  - Michael G.
  Real Estate

"It could not be easier...we loved it. We already have our next call make life easy!!! THANKS."
  - Polli Y.

"The call went just as planned...flawlessly. So simple a caveman (or a cowboy) can do it.

"The biggest challenge was getting a bunch of egos coordinated on the call and keeping a sense of order. By the end of the call, all the cows were in the herd and it went smoothly. Single file.

"We'll be using you again. Thanks for your help."
  - Jack H.
  Horsemen's Association

"We used AT Conference yesterday for the first time. We are very pleased with the ease of use and the quality of the service. We especially like the e-mail accounting information that is sent after the conference call ends... in the words of my business partner, 'This is Awesome'.

"Also, setting up the account was amazingly simple and fast. We truly appreciate your no-hassle approach to getting our account established. Lastly, the customer support personnel we worked with were knowledgeable, polite and efficient."
  - John W.
  Architectural Firm

"Our first experience using AT Conference was GREAT! Absolutely no glitches and the voice quality was great. I will keep you posted if we have any problems, we will be using it again today. Thank you for making this arrangement so easy and of good quality."
  - Essie P.
  Non-Profit Organization

"I think you guys are wonderful. Twice I've had to use your services at the last minute and it was done very professionally and expeditely, given our last minute notice. Thank you so much for being so good at your job. We will be using your services exclusively."
  - Barb L.
  Law Office

"Whenever there is something new it can be scary, well this was not. No one called saying they couldn't get in, the host said no problem - I couldn't ask for more than that! Blessings to you for offering this service."
  - Linda B.
  Presbyterian Church

"Our first conference was easy to set up. I was impressed that when I was looking at your website a chat box came up for me to ask a live question. You answered them and I did not need to search you site for the answers or visit another site. Very impressive - maybe that is the way of the future."
  - Barbara D.
  Marketing Company

"Very good experience from initial contact on the website, to when I called customer service. Very easy! Your company is helping to make my programs successful, which in turn makes our organization stronger."
  - Maureen W.
  Non-Profit Organization

"I had an extremely positive and professional experience using your services and will not hesitate using you again. Thank you."
  - Sherry R.
  Law Office

"I used your teleconf services yesterday for the first time and want you to know that it worked perfectly! We needed to pull together a last minute conference call, and your service was very easy to set up, the follow up and account set up was prompt, and the service is affordable. Thank you very much!"
  - Tami F.
  Charitable Foundation

"My first experience in utilizing the services of AT Conference was fantastic. I was in desperate need for a teleconferencing source for a late afternoon meeting. That morning I found ATC through a Google search and within minutes (literally) I was set up. It was incredibly simple and hassle free!!! The ATC website provided all the information I needed and the follow up phone call from ATC was very prompt which instantly relieved my stress. At this point I wouldn't suggest changing a thing. Thanks ATC!!!"
  - Reece M.
  Insurance Company

"Our organization had our first conference call yesterday and were very pleased with the ease and quality of the conferencing. We were also quite happy with the cost! We plan to use this service more than we've previously used other companies' conference services."
  - Jan F.
  Healthcare Organization

"Service was great. Simple to set up and just as simple to use. Thank you very much for accommodating me with a new account on short notice."
  - Henslee S.

"I used your services for the first time last week and was thoroughly impressed by the quality/clarity, ease of use and cost effective rates. Also impressed by the detailed post-call reporting."
  - Tom H.
  Meeting Planning

"Thank you so much for making the conference call a success. It was very easy to set up the account and everthing went perfectly on the conference call. We will definitely use your service again in the future."
  - Sheila M.
  Law Firm

"We recently had our first AT Conference meeting over the phone. It was an easy, inexpensive and successful way to conduct our meeting. The post information exchange from ATC was very prompt. The whole process was user friendly."
  - Joelle W.
  Crafts Guild

"As an executive administrator of the office, I was very pleased with the efficiency and courtesy that your staff demonstrated. The instructions were easy to follow and the connection and quality of the phone call was great. Thank you again, and I will be using your services again late afternoon today."
  - Selena F.
  Non-Profit Organization

"Awesome experience yesterday. The deposition via telephone conference went smoothly, the lines were clear (including the line to the international caller) and the dial in instructions were easy. I cannot believe how much money we saved by using AT Conference."
  - Erin R.

"I was tasked this week to pull together a new conferencing solution by week's end. Your staff gave me a full demo, answered all my questions and had my account established in minutes. We ran a test and had our first conference. It couldn't have been easier to use and the report feature is going to help us track time and costs. Great product. Thanks."
  - Tom H.
  Financial Institution

"Just wanted to let you know that we used AT Conference for the first time yesterday for a rather lengthy conference call with 28 participants and everything went very smoothly. Your rates are far better than that which we were paying with Genesys.

"We hope to continue a positive business relationship with AT Conference for the near and distant future."
  - April L.
  Television Broadcast Industry

"I am so grateful for your service/s. I work ALONE and when the judge told me that I had to choreograph a conference call for six to participate in [within two business days] I freaked.

"My phone provider, Brighthouse, does not have this ability, this conference call ability; but the customer service representative did look on-line for me and WHALAH he saw your banner ad first thing. Which is what I saw when I went looking. And I am totally impressed with your efficiency, your professional service, your friendly staff...all of it. And all of it counts.

"The conference call went GRANDLY without a hitch. I had been able to cut and paste the instructions on to all participants and had my copy READY for the final *99 plus 1 to disconnect...fantastic, wonderful. I will be bragging about you."
  - Gretchen E.
  Professional Association

"We could not be happier with your services!

"Our goal was to bring our family closer together - collapsing the geographical distance between us. Our family is spread out from NY to Denver, and like many we gather infrequently, mainly at the holidays. Your service enabled all to call in for a lovely Sunday conversation. It was like being in a big virtual living room. The connections were clearly audible - no technical glitches at all. At a modest cost, your conferencing did our family a great service. We'll be using your service again soon! I have already started recommending your site to my friends and business colleagues. Thanks very much ... well done!"
  - Craig O.
  Family use

"Your system was perfect for our first arbitration-by-phone. The voices of the participants were distinct and clear, and it could not have been simpler to set up. I will certainly use AT Conference again."
  - Anna N.

"I found this service extremely easy and quick from inquiry to completed setup. It was a last minute solution and helped resolve an issue with a client. I will definitely use your service in the future. I felt the pricing was extremely fair."
  - Linda T.
  Medical Transcription Service

"Quality of the call was good. No interference. Everything was excellent. We are saving a tremendous amount of money and we thank you for that."
  - Diane W.
  Law Firm

"The whole conference could not have gone smoother! All of the participants were very impressed and we especially enjoy the fact there are no commitments required, as we only need the service on occasion. I am positive we will be using your service in the future. Thank you!"
  - Julie U.
  Airport Management Association

"Thank you once again for the timely response to our requests. As always, we have received superior service and help from you organization."
  - Stephen D.
  Investment Group

"Your service is second to none, I am very happy to have switched our company to your services and look forward to recommending it to my colleagues."
  - Yuri V.
  Energy Company

"After our first usage, I am extremely happy with AT Conference. The price is better than my old supplier and the quality of the call was significantly better to boot. I just need to figure out how to thank my old provider for jacking up my rates, otherwise I would never have tried you."
  - Mike E.
  Travel Agency Association

"I really appreciate your personal attention and the assistance you provided - it made me so at ease using this service for the first time. It is so rare today that services are delivered as promised - you made it happen for us."
  - Vanessa M.
  Professional Association

"Your service was wonderful and very easy to use, we did not have any issues with anything. My expectations were exceeded. I would recommend you to anyone!"
  - Chris W.
  Construction Company

"Thanks for the follow-up and records on the meeting. You are the most hassle free, cost efficient and accommodating system ever for conference calling."
  - Gene C.
  Financial Planning Services

"Our first call was a great experience and we are very glad to have found AT Conference. We will continue to use this service!"
  - Jean M.
  Steel Manufacturing Company

"It was a wonderful, successful call and I'm so glad to have found your service. I can't believe how much money we saved. Also, the time frame in getting our account set up was so quick. Thank you very much."

  - Amy B.
  Christian Ministry

"So there I was. I started calling ATT, who was the carrier for my law firm, at 5:45PM. I was in automated phone que hell. Finally, I got a warm body (barely) and she wouldn't set up the call without the account signatory verifying the account. This was at 6:20 PM. He was home eating dinner. I went on the web and found you guys. I quickly scanned your web page and elected to go with the plan I used. I called in to your toll-free number and got a very friendly and helpful guy to set up my account. Nano seconds later, my account set up instructions were in my email inbox and I was able to connect two regular people and three eighty-year-olds to a conference call flawlessly. None of them had ever been on a conference call in their lives.

"You tell me my bill is $32.79. I think your service is priceless. I will shout this testimonial from the highest rooftop and ATT can go jump off that same roof."
  - John H.

"Absolutely a great experience at a fabulous price!"
  - Earl P.
  Retail Store Chain

"Everyone I've been in contact with has done a superb job. I'm very pleased and will continue using your services."
  - Carl P.
  Law Firm

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